A selection of my Talks, Posts and Podcasts

I’ve recently had a crack at doing some 99 Second Talks for the Ministry of Testing. While you check out my talks, take a look around the Dojo and have a think about signing up. There’s already loads of fantastic content on the site with more being added all the time!!

My very first attempt at a talk was at TinyTestBash in Brighton.


You can watch the talk here: https://dojo.ministryoftesting.com/lessons/99-second-talks-tinytestbash-2015 – I’m not on till about 12:00 but please do watch all the other ones because there are all awesome!!

My second attempt was slightly more controlled because it was a recording and every time I messed it up I just started the clock again – That’s a lot hard to do when you’re in front of people.


You can watch this talk here: https://dojo.ministryoftesting.com/lessons/how-i-stop-wasting-my-own-precious-time-danny-dainton

I’ve created this page as a reminder that I actually have to submit and give a talk at a conference in the near future! It will happen, it’s just a case of timing at the moment!

Whiteboard Testing

I’ve recently uploaded a short 5-minute video to the Whiteboard Testing YouTube Channel. You can check it out here: https://youtu.be/5c2YbdJhaFg


Brief Description:

During Military Operations you will, at some point, come under CONTACT (Effective Enemy Fire). There is a certain radio procedure that is universally followed when communicating this information out to everyone that is on that Frequency. You first send an Initial CONTACT report informing the HQ What has happened, Where it has happened, What you are doing about it – This is then followed, once more information is gathered, by a Full CONTACT report.

I’ve modified and adapted this technique to work for me when I’m on a Testing Charter or Mission. If I discover something of interest or a potential problem, I note down an Initial Bug Report. This gives me enough information to come back to this issue when I’ve finished my Charter and conduct some further and deeper investigation.

Testing in the Pub Interview

I was recently Interviewed by Stephen Janaway for an episode of the TITP podcast. You can check out the interview here: http://testinginthepub.co.uk/testinginthepub/testing/testing-pub-episode-36-part-remote-team/

I also wrote a blog post to accompany the interview and fill in the gaps that I missed. You can find this here: My experiences as a Remote Worker

Taking the TestSphere Challenge

I promised, for a long time, that I would record myself telling a story using one of the TestSphere cards. I choose the “Happy” card and the recording was published on the Ministry of Testing Dojo – https://dojo.ministryoftesting.com/lessons/happy-what-does-a-team-need-to-be-happy


You can order your deck of TestSphere cards from the MOT store – https://store.ministryoftesting.com/collections/testsphere

Q & A with Rich Rogers

I was absolutely honoured to be asked to take part in this amazing series of interviews from Rich. I’ve been a follower of the series and loved the answers from the guests that he has had on so far – You can check out my answers here. https://richrtesting.com/2017/07/25/qa-with-danny-dainton/

Interview for the Let’s Talk About Tests Baby podcast

I was recently invited onto the show to have a chat with Gem Hill and Matthew Bretten. We talked about all things learning and the struggles that we face sometimes. You can listen to the episode here:  http://letstalkabouttests.xyz/index.php/2017/07/27/ep-83-learn-to-fly/ The areas covered can be found on a mindmap at the link above.