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I’m Danny, I’m relatively new to software testing and I’m just really trying to find my feet and learn as much as I can from the great testers that I have met already and also the ones that I haven’t had the pleasure to meet yet.

My blog is basically my ramblings as a New Tester and about my quest to become a better tester, this is really not going to win me any awards but that’s not what I’m after from this. I love testing and every little thing that the word “Testing” covers – every day is a learning day to me and I’m slowly getting to grips with what it takes to do this, I’ll make mistakes along the way but I am a firm believer of learning from these mistakes and trying not to make them next time.

I’m from Falmouth down in Cornwall but I currently live in Bristol, with my beautiful wife Hollie and our little daughter Sophie. My background is in the British Army Infantry and I spent most of my adult years in the Forces and left in Sept 2011 after 11 years ( you can read more about this in my first ever post ).

I’ve been a massive “fan” of software testing for a while now but I wasn’t in a proper testing job – I had a couple of Defence contracts that I worked on and I had the role of a “Tester” but this was very “check” heavy and I can honestly say I didn’t test very many things.

In January 2014, I started working for NewVoiceMedia as a Test Engineer and I bloody love it! Seriously one of the best moves I have made in my life! I get to work with some amazingly talented people on a day to day basis – I’ve learnt so much in a very short space of time and I hope it continues!

My writing style is massively informal but that’s the way I am, hopefully, this doesn’t put you good people off reading my posts and wanting to hear more about my experiences.

I’m on Twitter and happy to speak to absolutely anyone – It’s good to talk!!  If you feel the need to the check me out then please do so @dannydainton

All the best!



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