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Everyday is a learning day…

A little bit about me…


I’m Danny,  I’ve been involved in Software Testing for over 5 years now and I’m absolutely loving every minute of it!

My blog is basically my ramblings as a New-ish Tester and about my quest to become the best tester that I can be, this blog is not really going to win me any awards but that’s not my overall goal. It’s just my documented journey and a place to see how I’ve changed and evolved over the years.

I love testing and every little thing that the word “Testing” covers – every day is a learning day to me and I’m slowly getting to grips with what it takes to do this, I’ll make mistakes along the way but I am a firm believer of learning from these mistakes and trying not to make them next time.

I’m from Falmouth down in Cornwall but I currently live in Bristol, with my beautiful wife Hollie and our little daughter Sophie. My background is in the British Army Infantry and I spent most of my adult years in the Forces and left in Sept 2011 after 11 years, you can read more about this in my first ever post.

In January 2014, I started working for NewVoiceMedia as a Tester and I bloody love it there! Seriously one of the best moves I have made in my life! I get to work with some amazingly talented people on a day to day basis – I’ve learnt so much in a very short space of time and I hope it continues!

I’m on Twitter and happy to speak to absolutely anyone – It’s good to talk!!  If you feel the need to the check me out then please do so @dannydainton

All the best!


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